May 26, 2006 at 12:52 am (stuff)

I just put up a page. I can post up 5 Manga reads right now, not the complete volumes or anything…probably the first several volumes. And I'm sorry, I said post but I cant post because it is in the book format type thing. So, I'm going to put up the link on the pages that will take you and allow you to access the different mangas. Thank You!

So, if you want other Manga reads, leave a comment or something and I'll put it up when I have the time along with the other five…thanks.



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Hello! Welcome!

March 29, 2006 at 11:45 pm (introduction)

Hello….this is my Introduction to you…

Hola! or Bonjour! or Hello! or hello in any other language that you speak. I have nothing to write about now other than myself. So, my name is Ananya and a piece of fiction that I am currently working has the word Antaris in its name. I live in the United States. Let’s see, I am quite smart and energetic (Not true, I am actually quite lazy…usually procrastinate things). Most people like me. I am very kind and friendly. Unless you are someone who creeps me out. I would be nice to you. I like to read, write, play tennis, and swim. My favorite subjects are: Math, Chemistry, Physics, World History…not U.S History, and English.

Maybe after you read this, you could leave a few comments about what you would like to know…as the site's name. I check messages at least 5 times in the evening, so, if you leave one, i'll try to reply to it. Also, since I mentioned the "piece of fiction" that I was "writing," I was thinking of posting it online soon, so anyone could read it and give me some feedback of your own.

Another thing, as the site progresses, I will be adding more blogs about facts and how drinking too much coffee causes parkinsons disease (got that off a website). Mostly facts and my day to day life but not going too much into depth.

Just a thought, there is a section in the side named short stories, these stories have moral that. There are quite a few stories there for you to read and waste time. There are so many that I haven't totally read through all of them.

Thank You!


Random Day-to-Day Things

(Includes stories, jokes, stupid survey, stuff…)

Remember the name! Woot! By Fort Minor. I like that's good, better than thier other ones, I guess.I know I havent posted in a long, long time. But what can I say...I get lazy too! UN projects, Homework stuff....and the blah, blah, blah. Got the bio stuff today, shit load of work....unbelievable!! So, how are you? I am doing great 🙂


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